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Modern luxury home showcase interior kitchen

Bespoke Kitchens

Taylormade bespoke kitchens are made from high-quality materials
Whether you are looking for traditional kitchen designs, contemporary-modern kitchen designs, or want to make your unique kitchen may it be a minimalist or maximalist design. We can help you create your dream kitchen. 


Our assessor will check your place for measurements then we will allocate one of our designers to work with you when choosing the style, colour, and finishing touches you want to incorporate into your kitchen. 

We understand our customers want to have a kitchen they will love for years, that's why our standard of work is above quality, the materials we use are of top quality to make sure the end product is the way you want it to be. We are always here to help with planning, designing, manufacturing, and installation. 

L-Shape kitchen

​L-shape kitchen design is the most popular kitchen design among most homeowners. It is made up of two adjoining walls tucked into corners and most commonly has two open ends which give access to different areas of entries and exits. 

L-shaped kitchens allow multiple people to cook at once because of the space available. Whether you or your partner love to cook it doesn't matter, this type of kitchen allows you to move freely because of the open space available.

You can set up your utensils and cooking equipment properly and most importantly you can access them with ease whenever you need to prepare a meal.

Modern domestic kitchen render
Modern kitchen

G-Shape kitchen

This type of kitchen is suited for homeowners who want to maximize every inch of space in their kitchen, A lot of times the G shape of the kitchen is completed by adding a peninsula. 

The peninsula area is an impressive way to make your kitchen more engaging to family members and visitors by adding seats. The g-shape kitchen allows you to put in more kitchen cabinets, equipment, and utensils. 

The g-shape kitchen gives the feeling to your family members and visitors where they need to be and who can only access the kitchen.

U-Shape kitchen

Whether you have medium or large kitchen space if you are after versatility and want access immediately to your kitchen then this type of kitchen is for you. This type of kitchen allows homeowners to put kitchen cabinets into three kitchen corners, plenty of space to put in your kitchen equipment, utensils and kitchen accessories.


Some of the benefits of having a u-shape kitchen include plenty of work space (especially if you have many cooks in your family), easy organisation of cooking tools and straightforward access to the sink, refrigerator and cooktop/oven areas.

A general view of a Glossy white handleless modern kitchen within a luxury flat apartment
Modern kitchen with sink,gas cooktop and hood interior 3d

One wall kitchen

This type of kitchen is commonly used for homes with small kitchen space. As their name suggests these small kitchens keep all the cabinets, appliances, and equipment, against one wall of the home to save space.

You can add extra layers of cabinets for storage purposes, hooks to hold up your kitchen pots, pans, and cooking utensils, fruit basket holder to store your fruits and veggies you should be able to maximize the space of your one-wall kitchen. 

One wall kitchen contributes to providing the extra space that you need to have a spacious look for your home. It's not always the size of your kitchen that matters, it's how you utilise every inch of it.

Galley kitchen

This type of kitchen consists of two parallel workstations with a walkway in the centre. For homeowners who have a small or medium kitchen and want to utilize their kitchen functionality and space then you should also consider this type of kitchen design. 

The galley design is preferred by many professional chefs because of the easy access and effectiveness when preparing to cook a meal. By having cabinets in both workstations to keep the utensils, cookware and appliances homeowners will be able to maximize their kitchen space. 

The kitchen features stainless steel appliances, light brown flooring and lots of drawers
Pendant lights over modern white kitchen island

Bespoke kitchen designs

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