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british townhouse
a high quality white wood framed sash window set in a cove in the attic of an expensive ne
  • Heritage sash windows for listed buildings

  • Conservation sash windows fitted to period properties with increased light and ventilation

  • Spring balance sash windows with steel weight counterbalance. 

Dutchman Window. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown
  • Traditional casement windows no. 1 choice of windows in the UK

  • Heritage Casement combines energy effectiveness and classic style​

  • Conservation casements for period properties


Popular for over 300 years, the classic wooden sash window is especially suited for period and mock-period properties. Suited for classic and bay window designs. Our collection of sash windows conscientiously replicates those ageless window designs down to the finest detail and solutions required for listed buildings and conservation areas.

Sash windows
Exterior View of Old Sash Windows with Window Box Gardens of a Georgian Era English Town H

Conservation Sash Windows

Conservation sash windows are designed for listed buildings, heritage projects, and period properties found in conservation areas where it's important to keep the original features.


We build double glazed conservation box sash windows with full glazing bars, which provides improved thermal insulation.

Heritage Sash Windows

The timeless heritage sash windows are very popular no matter what the period property is.


Our heritage sash windows are carefully handcrafted in order to copy original designs found in period properties. We can even duplicate original timber frames. We also use a classic weight and pulley mechanism to counterbalance the sashes. 

a beautifully crafted set of Georgian style white wooden bay windows with French doors. Th

Spring Balance Windows 

Looking for a modern alternative to the weight-based system? Our spring balance sash windows operate in a smooth and seamless manner. The spring-loaded mechanism is placed on either side of the sashes, allowing for a slimmed-down window and extra room.


This type of window is suited for newly established properties. A traditional look with a modern touch. 


Casement window is the oldest style of window in Britain and the most convenient of all window types because of its versatility. A casement window is attached to a frame by one or more hinges and is usually fitted in single or double panels. Homeowners can create different variations of casement windows that will suit most properties. 

Casement Window

Traditional Casement 

If you are looking for a simple, minimalist look produced in high-quality timber materials for your home then check out our casement windows.


A casement windows bring in more light as they are not made with window bars, they bring in the maximum amount of natural light and are well suited for traditional properties and contemporary homes.

Old room with three windows,wooden ceiling and brown wall-rendering

Conservation Range

This window type is ideal for renovating period properties, traditional homes, or for new structures where a traditional look is required and is exceptionally elegant in conservatory areas. We offer a wide range of styles for our conservation flush casement windows.


Our conservation flush casement windows have the looks of period-style windows but with improved thermal insulation.

Heritage Casement

Designed to replace original period property windows for listed buildings and conservation areas. Single glazed is the traditional way for heritage casement windows with putty bead and sash bars. We at Taylormade incorporate traditional features with a touch of modern materials to deliver an authentic-traditional look. 

Window Finishing and Ironmongery

Georgian architecture extreme

Window Finishing

We let you choose the finishing touches for your windows. We have a wide range of glazing, painting and hardware options. We want to make sure you get your dream windows. 

Door Handle Close Up


We provide high-quality and long-lasting ironmongery. We will make sure it compliments your furniture, needs and style.

Whatever your project status is, we are here to help. 

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